Converting an SPSS file to Excel

The SPSS statistical package is so widespread on both mainframes and personal computers that source data often arrives as an SPSS file.  This nice file format has a number of advantages which the Data Wizard exploits.

Your tutorial package contains an SPSS file, Shoe data.sav, located in the folder Documents\StatWizards\Data Wizard\Shoe examples. If you have a licensed copy of SPSS, click on the OK button after you see the screen below; if you don't have a licensed copy of SPSS, click here to resume the tutorial.

After clicking OK, maneuver to the folder where Shoe data.sav is located.  In most computers, this should be Documents\StatWizards\Data Wizard\Shoe examples.

Double-click on Shoe data.sav to open it.  SPSS should display the file's variables.

To save the database as an Excel file, click on File | Save as ... from SPSS's main menu.  You should see a standard dialog box like the one below.  Click on the down arrow next to Save as type: and select one of the Excel types, as shown here.

Ensure that Write variable names to spreadsheet remains checked.  Locate a convenient folder where you want to save the file, then click Save.

At this point we don't need SPSS any more, so you can close it.  Open your new Excel file and examine it to ensure it looks like the starting tutorial file.

From here you can resume the tutorial.